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Teen Insomnia Studies and Articles


A study in Journal Sleep shows teen insomnia at increased risk of depression and substance abuse. More.

Heavy use of energy drinks by your teen can threaten teens’ health and cause insomnia. More on energy drinks causing insomnia.

Teen Depression-Warning Signs to Watch For
If you are the parent of a teenager, then you need to know how to watch out for teen depression, which is easily discounted by many parents as drama, and which can sadly claim the life of your child. More.

Adolescents with chronic insomnia experience a 'twofold to fivefold' increase in various personal problems. More on problems that result from teenage insomnia

Parental insomnia link to teen suicide and depression
A recent study says that teenage children of insomniac parents are much more likely than others to suffer from teen depression, insomnia, suicidal behavior, and anxiety. Read more on the recent insomnia study.

The Fatigued Teenager
Fatigue is sadly a very common symptom during teen years. Teenagers will often complain of having no energy, exhaustion, or being sleepy all the time. Find out more on fatigue.

“Early Birds” Get Better Grades in College
University of Colorado researchers have reported that college students who suffer from teenage insomnia or any other sleep related or fatigue problems tend to have lower GPAs. Continued.

Teen insomnia linked to cellphone use. A new study presented in June at SLEEP 2008 found that teenagers who use their cellphones excessively are more likely to experience disrupted sleep, higher stress, restlessness, and fatigue. Read more

Teens with Eating Problems, Insomnia and Anxiety.
70 percent of teenage students with problems reported they have one or more health problems (insomnia, abdominal pain, fatigue, diziness,  fatigue, and headaches). More.

Teenage Insomnia, It is difficult to treat. Read more on treatment

A recent article showed that adolescent girls show an increased risk of teenage insomnia after they begin menstruation. More

Teens with insomnia lose more than sleep
 Insomnia in teens costs them more than sleep -- it can harm adolescents physically. Details

Why Do Teenagers Have Trouble Sleeping?
Research shows that teens need 8˝ to more than 9 hours of sleep a night. Find out more on sleeping problems

Teens need plenty of sleep, 8˝ to more than 9 hours of sleep a night.
One complete sleep cycle lasts about 90 to 100 minutes. So during an average night's sleep, a person will experience about four or five cycles of sleep. Continued.



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