Teen Insomnia




While fatigue from strenuous physical activity, lack of adequate rest or sleep, or even emotional stress is to be expected to some extent, unexplained weariness can sometimes be a sign of a more serious disease. Therefore, it is always very important to talk to your parents, contact your physician or doctor, and get them to give physical cause for the insomnia or fatigue.

Among the disorders that could be discovered during a checkup of a teenager can include:

  • Anemia ("low blood count") -- This is commonly found in teenage girls who follow a strict diet to stay trim and then fail to replace the iron they lose every month during menstruation cycles.
  • Infectious mononucleosis is also fairly commonly seen in teenagers. Extreme tiredness is the most common result of this. Other less frequent illnesses that will have energy loss include tuberculosis, hepatitis, and thyroid disease.
  • Any medications that a teen will take for allergies and other minor conditions can cause insomnia and fatigue. Alcohol and illegal drugs will also cause teen fatigue.

Despite the numerous medical causes, by far the most common reason for teenage insomnia and fatigue is psychological reasons. Fatigue caused by specific diseases will usually become worse as the days wears on, while fatigue from anxiety, stress, and even depression is often described as being at its worse in the morning and is not made better with rest.




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