Teen Insomnia




A recent article showed that adolescent girls show an increased risk of teenage insomnia after they begin menstruation thus implying that hormones and their subsequent changes play a role in some girls' development of the sleep disorder.

1. In 13- to 16-year-olds, 11% had suffered insomnia.
2. Teens started having sleep disturbances around the age of 11.
3. Before menstruation, girls were about as likely as boys to have insomnia. After they began their menstrual periods, however, girls had more than twice the risk of insomnia as boys.

So the next question asked was: is it hormonal or the social pressures of menstruation and subsequent body development that cause these problems with sleep? In truth no one is quite sure, but it would make sense that the type of insomnia may be associated with the cause. For instance, if a girl is having problems falling asleep it could be stress or socially motivated, while if they have problems staying asleep it could be hormonal.



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